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JavaScript Intellisense with Visual Studio 11 Beta

I’ve spent a lot of time in VS10 editing large JavaScript class frameworks and so I was very thankful for the Intellisense support in the IDE. It’s was a wonderful experience to write OO JavaScript with Intellisense but it was hit or miss when the Intellisense would actually show up in the IDE. It seemed that sometimes the IDE would just ‘forget’ about a class. And there were many other things which made the experience of writing in JS difficult at best such as all those times when VS10 SP1 would crash intermittently when editing large bodies of JS files.

I decided to take a look at VS11 beta and see how it handled Intellisense when doing JavaScript object oriented development. I knew that Microsoft was targeting JavaScript as one of the languages to build Metro apps from so I figured they may have cleaned up the JS development experience in the IDE.

To write this blog entry, I’m comparing the VS11 Beta as of March 2010 with my experience in VS10 SP1.

Referencing Class Files

In VS10 I had to place a reference comment in the file to see a class in another file:

/// <reference path=”Truck.js” />

This isn’t too bad unless you’re working with dozens of class files in which case you’ll have inevitable circular references somewhere. When VS10 ran into circular references, it would slowly leak memory and eventually crash.

In a VS11 Metro project, all you need to do is reference the JS class files from one of your .HTM pages. Once referenced, the class is available to you in every other JS file. So just adding this line to one of the HTM pages in your project will make the Robot class available everywhere:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/Robot.js”></script>

But not in VS11 Web Projects

The above technique does not work in web projects, it only works in Metro projects which was very strange to me. In the web projects I still had to add reference comments to a JS file to pick up classes defined in other files.

Why? If the IDE can build Intellisense from the script tags in the web files for a Metro project, then why can’t it do the same for a web project? Maybe it’s something to do with the beta version, I don’t know but I’m anxious to try it out in the RTM version.