My diary of software development

About Chris

At my job, I do development across a broad range of areas. In the past 2 years, I’ve developed for the Microsoft Surface, the iPhone, WPF, WPF 3D, ASP.Net, WCF, SQL Server SSIS, SharePoint, Adobe Flex, and probably others that I’ve forgotten so I created this blog. I have 2 core incentives for creating this blog:

  1. To record what I’ve done. Some of this stuff is pretty cool and I want to keep a record of it. I’ve done even more stimulating stuff in the last 2 decades but I’ve forgotten so much about them that today I couldn’t describe their details. So this blog will help me going forward.
  2. One of the verbal challenges I have is that of presenting technical issues in a clear fashion. By writing about them, it helps me to align my thoughts and clearly present them verbally.

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