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Well, in my last post, I basically couldn’t get the WebServiceMaker.asmx service to work. I now have it working and the problem was because it was not installed properly. You see, SAS is like a bucket of Lego bricks. It contains dozens and dozens of modules and services which can be installed in what seems like endless permutations of arrangements. These arrangements are defined by an XML ‘plan file’ used by the SAS deployment wizard and  SAS support had sent me a couple of plan files which ‘appeared’ to work but did not. There are also some pre-defined plan files provided by the installation download which didn’t build the exact Lego castle I needed but got close. So, I created my own plan file from the plan files provided by SAS and these pre-defined ones. I got everything installed fine and I am able to call the services within WebServiceMaker.asmx without trouble but, given that there is precedence in the world of SAS for gettting an installation with no errors but not necessarily working, I worry.
I still can’t call ListWebServices in the WebServiceMaker.asmx file from my .Net console app but the Enterprise Manager on the SAS server can call it without trouble. I verified this using netmon on the server. Right now I’m at the point where I can deploy a SAS Stored Process as a web service using the Enterprise Manager and then attempt to call it from my .Net console app. When I called my test SAS web service, I got this error:
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: There was an error due to configuration of the middle tier.
Oh great. Now what? I thought for sure there was some issue with security (which seems to be plaguing me with the ListWebServices call). I poked around online a bit but didn’t really find anything so I decided to fire up Fiddler (such a wonderful tool) and see what my SOAP request and response looked like. Now I have some more information because in the SOAP response I see this information in the SOAP fault:
<Fault code=”4000″ xmlns=”“>
 <Exception message=”Folder path ‘/Users/sasadm/My Folder’ was not found or you may lack permission to view some part of the path.” />


 Well, that *kind of* makes sense. I created my stored process in the above SAS folder and the name of the folder leads me to believe there is one for every user of SAS. I was signed on as SASADM when I created the stored process and I sent the user sasadm in the Username token but maybe the identity attempting to run the service is other than sasadm.
What to do, what to do….
I tried calling the service without providing a WSE UsernameToken and got this response:
Could not establish a connection to the SAS server on the requested machine. Verify that the SAS server has been started with the -objectserver option or that the SAS spawner has been started. Verify that the port Combridge is attempting to connect to is the same as the port SAS (or the spawner) is listening on.

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